B2B Marketing

4 Tips to Help Your Sales Team Benefit from Leveraging Social Media

The newest buzzword in B2B marketing, Social Selling, is the process that sales teams use to target, build rapport and win prospects within their digital network. Considered by some to be the newer, smarter alternative to cold calling, Social Selling has picked up speed thanks to its seamless integration with social media and its relational foundation.

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Family & Career

Why we need more empathy in the workplace

According to the 2018 State of Workplace Empathy study, 96% of employees consider it important for employers to demonstrate empathy, and yet 92% believe this trait is undervalued in

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Company Culture

Taking time-off from work? No prob-llama!

One of the tenets of my company is to build a culture that allows our employees to grow and cultivate their careers, while also being able to take time off whenever and however they need. Which is why I chaperoned my daughter’s field trip to Lovable Llama Farm!

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