Celebrating World Beatles’ Day


Celebrating World Beatles' Day - Spotify Playlist by Proofpoint Marketing

Yes, we know there’s a day of the year for just about everything out there! So why not celebrate arguably some of the best musicians that ever lived?

If you know our VP of Client Services and Co-Founder Gaby, you probably know that she’s a HUGE Beatles fan. So much so, that when she noticed her daughter was musically inclined from an early age, she introduced her to the music of The Beatles, and also taught her their names. A proud mom moment for Gaby is that her daughter Lana, at the tender age of 3, not only knew their names and could pick them out in a picture, she could also identify them by their voices and the songs they sang.

Global Beatles Day (aka World Beatles Day) is an annual holiday occurring June 25th each year that honours and celebrates the ideals of The Beatles. The date, June 25th, was chosen to commemorate the date The Beatles participated in the BBC programme Our World in 1967, performing “All You Need Is Love” broadcast to an international audience.

So many of the songs written and performed by The Beatles speak about love, harmony and equality. So to celebrate this special day and the ideals for which they sang, we are commemorating with a special playlist dedicated to The Beatles, performed by iconic Black Jazz, R&B, Motown and Rock & Roll artists that are stars and legends in their own right.

We love how they’ve taken these timeless songs and reinterpreted them in their own styles. We think you’ll be groovin’ all afternoon with this one! #GlobalBeatlesDay