Pursue your career at a company that values the important people, passions and priorities in your life.

We’re transforming tired and outdated workplace norms. Will you join us?

We’re fully remote, distributed and flexible
We empower our team to build a schedule that adapts to the ever-changing demands of work and life, while focusing on high-level output—not time sitting at a desk. As a fully distributed company, you have the flexibility and support to work from wherever, without sacrificing connection to the team or priorities outside of work.
Strict No Door Policy
We foster transparency at every level of the organization. You are empowered to meet and talk with anyone on the team, including leadership. You'll always know the “why” behind the work and the decisions being made, including updates on finances, new business and hiring.
Be your whole self
At Proofpoint, we’re committed to encouraging and supporting a culture of inclusion, diversity and acceptance. We respect who you are and what you bring to the table. Your whole self will always be welcomed and encouraged at Proofpoint Marketing.
Grow in your career
To be a Proofpointer is to grow in excellence. Working alongside skilled Proofpointers means learning, growing, and teaching too. You’ll have opportunities to develop your specialty and learn best practices that expand your skillset.
Establish your personal brand
Your personal brand is an asset that will open opportunities at Proofpoint and beyond. We understand Proofpoint may not be the last stop in your career journey and we want to equip you to grow lasting influence through cultivating your personal brand.

We don't want to build a 🚀

We are building a people-first inspired workplace. A sustainable business where great people can do great work and be great parents, spouses, friends, entrepreneurs, etc.

We don't want to hire 🦄s

We hire great people who enjoy working and who enjoy working with each other. People who take accountability for their work, and lift up those around them.

We don't want to "always be selling" 🤑

We want to always be helping. We want to help build better marketers—whether that’s people who work at Proofpoint, clients who work with Proofpoint, or people who follow Proofpoint.

We don't want to think outside the 📦

We are creating a different box for people to think about. We want to change how businesses and marketers think about relationships.

We don't want to "fake it till you make it" 🤥

We are transparent about our failures and our successes. We want all our stakeholders to know exactly what they’re getting by working with the Proofpoint Marketing team.

We don't want to treat our employees like family 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦

We want our Proofpointers to prioritize their families, and maybe build some strong relationships—or dare we say friendships—while growing in their career, both personally and professionally.

We don't believe Marketing's job is to simply drive 💰

We believe Marketing’s job is to build relationships at scale. And real relationships are what drive revenue.

We take care of each other

Perks & Benefits of being a Proofpointer

We offer Unlimited Time-Off (UTO) and enforce a Minimum Time-Off policy (MTO) of 24 days per year. We also offer 12 company-sponsored holidays.

We make time off
a priority
We strongly encourage half-day Fridays all year long (work-load and deadlines permitting).
We want you to have 

longer weekends

We promise to keep your salary competitive in an increasingly demanding economy. You deserve to be paid well for your time and talents.

We offer
competitive compensation

We offer membership to The CXL Institute, training and other resources specific to each role. We also sponsor "Quarterly Level-Up Workshops" on a wide variety of subjects to help our team “level-up” in all areas of life and work.

We prioritize growth, education and level-up opportunities

We offer 8-weeks of paid parental leave for both moms and dads at Proofpoint. Family is one of the most important things in life and we know those first few months with a new bundle of joy are precious and fleeting. 

We offer paid
parental leave

We make time for team-building experiences, company gatherings, and employee recognition throughout the year. We also host a yearly company retreat for all Proofpointers as a way to come together, relax, recharge and rejuvenate as a team!

We emphasize fun
and connection

We offer a yearly membership for grocery delivery via Instacart or Shipt (you pay for the groceries!). You can also use this benefit toward a Co-op membership.

We hook you up with
grocery delivery

We offer a Health Reimbursement Agreement (HRA), which allows each Proofpointer to choose the amount of care and coverage they need for themselves and their dependents. We reimburse up to $4,000 a year of medical-related expenses for each Proofpointer enrolled in the HRA.

We care about your
health and wellbeing

We offer a choice in laptops and office supplies (such as a monitor, keyboard, mouse and ring light). Need other things for your ideal office set-up? Just ask!

We supply
what you need

Cultivating your career at Proofpoint 
leads to lasting relationships.

(Download our benefits guide!)

Kristen Kelly
Account Director
I've been in digital marketing more than 16 years, working with big names & big brands, both agency and client-side. I've never felt more at home and at peace with my career choice then when I began working at Proofpoint. The culture is paramount, and while that's reflected in team transparency and always having each other's backs, it's also apparent in the amazing client work produced daily. Mike & Gaby have built an agency that feels different—in the best kind of way.
James Ricks
Director of Demond Generation
The hiring & onboarding experience at Proofpoint is unlike any other I've had in my career. My favorite experience was the round-robin interview, where I got to meet the whole team and start building relationships my colleagues. Onboarding week was full of learning, meeting team members and getting up to speed on client accounts. My favorite onboarding assignment was working on my Proofpointer User Manual—a document to help your team know who you are, how you like to work and other fun facts. Overall, the first touch-points at Proofpoint have been pretty amazing!
Kristopher Duperron
Project Coordinator
Since joining, I have grown tremendously and learned a lot about myself as a professional. Proofpoint fosters a positive and team-oriented culture. We have weekly team meetings, team-building retreats, and learning workshops on how to improve personally and professionally. Mike and Gaby have done a great job in building a team that lifts each other up and accomplishes amazing goals. Working with my manager, Kristen, has also had a tremendous impact on me. I have grown in my ability to manage projects, communicate effectively and work with our team to offer an exceptional client experience.
Mary Ann Borer
Former Paid Media Program Manager
I greatly enjoyed my time as a Proofpointer. Mike and Gaby take the time to get to know you not just as an employee, but as a person. They truly believe in living a balanced life and support their whole team in being the best they can be, both at work and at home. And even though the company is fully distributed, you always feel like you're up to speed and a valued member of the team. The culture of collaboration, transparency and openness at Proofpoint makes it a fantastic place to work.
Kris Holmes (They/Them)
Former Business Development Associate
Proofpoint is a place to own the outcome of your career. While being at Proofpoint offers a lot of freedom and autonomy, it also offers the support and guidance you need to be and bring your best self to work. I cried during the interview process: it was clear and overwhelming the people-first culture is real, tangible and ever-growing. As someone in the LGBTQ community, it isn't often or always you find a place you are not simply tolerated, but actually celebrated and appreciated. I'm proud of the time I spent at Proofpoint and thankful for the opportunity to serve clients with excellence and fellow Proofpointers with authenticity.
Britta Newly
Former Business Success Specialist
I treasure my time working at Proofpoint Marketing. The leadership is really dedicated to supporting their team and leading with transparency. They are process driven and use asynchronous workflows to maximize efficiency. If you are independently motivated and crave flexibility this is the company to work for. Awesome team, even better culture!

Pull up a chair and join us around the table!

We’re looking for people who own their work and take pride in all they do. Curious, passionate and talented people. The kind of people you love working with. People who are great at their jobs and just as good at life outside of work, too.

If that sounds like your kind of people, we’d love to hear from you!