Content repurposing. Everyone is talking about it. I think we all understand the general concept: Create content in one format and then chop it up into micro content in a variety of other formats. The details of how to do this are a bit more elusive. We talked to Ben Reese about this a few episodes back, and now you can listen to how Camille Trent and her team executed a similar strategy, repurposing webinar content, with an extra layer of paid media video ad distribution, to generate hundreds of high intent leads for Marketer Hire (NOTE: she is now the head of content at Dooly, but this case study was too good to pass up).

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • How to create your pillar strategy – what niche you want your content to focus on.
  • The logistics to running a webinar and how to repurpose them into ad content.
  • What types of headlines work well for ads
  • How often to refresh your ad content
  • How many people do you need to execute this content repurposing playbook (hint: it’s not as many as you think)

Camille’s recommendations:

  1. Your business model should drive your lead funnel and lead form strategy.
  2. Give people the content and context so that they can make their decision.
  3. You don’t need any fancy tech to run quality webinars
  4. Post content organically first, before putting money behind it in ads (NOTE: This only works if your company page has enough followers or if your personal account has the right audience)
  5. You need to curate your feed when coming into a new industry as a marketer
  6. Ensure that you understand the channels you are looking to repurpose content in, as that will guide the type of content you pull out of the main piece.
  7. Consistent persistence – you just need to keep creating and publishing content. You aren’t always going to feel it, but you have to push through it.
  8. Focus on the channels you are already in, and making them marginally and incrementally better over time instead of always chasing the new shiny object when it comes to content creation.

You’ll need to listen to the full episode if you want to hear the Lightning Round, but here are a few highlights:

  • Camille is looking forward to testing how a template library can drive effective traffic
  • Camilly loves her password manager – nobody likes memorizing passwords.
  • Camille isn’t a fan of the phrase “adding value” and neither am I

Proofpoint’s POV:

Many marketers, especially in very technical industries, struggle with content development. The struggle because the subject matter is so technical that the marketer isn’t able to get deep enough to develop the content themselves. At least not content that a decision maker in the industry will care for or find valuable. They struggle because they aren’t able to get their SMEs to create enough content.

This is where using video (whether it be webinars, podcasts or video series) as your content engine can work wonders. Once you have the raw content developed, the marketing team can then spend their time cutting it up, repurposing it in various formats, and also focusing on effective distribution.

Relevancy and timeliness are key in marketing and the best way to get both is to use SMEs who live and breathe the subject matter to create the content. The marketing team can facilitate the content creation, but the SMEs are actually submitting the subject matter.

The way to do this, is to ensure that as much as possible you work your content creation into already existing workflows. So if you are already running webinars, see if you can repurpose those into podcast episodes and micro content for ads and organic. You can also create summaries and recaps which help with organic ranking and traffic.

As an added bonus, having the SMEs creating the content allows you to more easily activate these people on social by providing them with the awesome content they helped create. You can simply cut up the long-form video and send the SME several short clips and say “hey, you provided some really awesome nuggets, you should totally share this with your network!”.

A bit more about Camille:

Camille is a content marketing extraordinaire. She is a LinkedIn thought leader – and I don’t use that word lightly. She not only provides valuable educational content around content marketing, but she also likes to entertain her audience with things like this.

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