Not everything we do as marketers sticks the landing on the first go. In fact, it often fails, which is what makes this work so compelling and diverse. In this week’s episode, we welcome guest Corey Brown, current Head of Marketing at risk3sixty, for an eye-opening chat on the “power of the pivot”, and the opportunities that reveal themselves when we can accurately read the story behind the data and change up our strategy to meet our unique business goals. According to Corey, the key to success at every step is to operationalize your marketing objectives so that they can meet your equally essential business goals in order to make a real difference in results.

Let’s get started!



  • Diversify your investments in time, money, and energy – don’t put all of your eggs in one basket, assess progress for a project or activation with a cross-comparative eye,
  • “Diversity/flexibility mindset” without spreading yourself too thin – you should still be focusing on niche skills or specializations, but not so much that you back yourself (and your team) into a corner. Be cautious about taking on new channels or tools, and do so with humility and an expectation that you’ll need to pivot after initial data comes to light.
  • Assess, reassess, test, re-test – of course you don’t want to invest huge amounts of dollars or time into something without a track record or clear lead generation attached.
  • Balance mindset – have a birds eye view of how the story the analytics is telling you translates into your business data and goals. Every idea you have, informed by platform and engagement analytics, MUST ultimately serve your ultimate business trajectory.
  • 5-3-2 mindset” – Corey employs this mindset strategy to balance his time across major priority areas. For Corey, he guides his team to put its energy towards content areas of varying number depending on priority: (5) topical industry content, (3), promotional content, (2) fun & new content. This scale model itself is scalable, and can be adapted to suit your specific needs.


  • Data analysis & manipulation – you can’t argue with numbers, right?
  • Interpersonal communication – be able to effectively converse using logic and emotion amongst diverse team members (with diverse skills and personalities).
  • Ability to operationalize & define your unique data inflection points – this makes your assessment of the data much more purposeful and efficient. It also allows you to pick tools that will help you with your specific data analytics needs. Understanding your analytics from all angles and platforms gives you an edge in the game.
  • Ability to see the gaps in your department’s operations.


  • Email campaigns
  • YouTube analytics
  • Your own version of Corey’s “Delegation Chart” and “Operation Chart” (we love this)
  • Weekly team-wide meetings & one-to-one team member meetings
  • “SMART” Goals


  • A team-wide decision to pivot from podcast strategy to webinar production, which has led to 4 successful webinar sessions that have generated 5x the amount of new leads, as well as massive growth in pipeline.

A bit more about Corey:

Corey is currently the Head of Marketing at risk3sixty, which supports clients in the construction, management and certification of business-first security and other compliance-based programs. For more than a decade, Corey has worked in a diverse set of roles from web and digital art design to B2B content strategy and management. With a proven track record of developing and executing integrated marketing and communications plans from end-to-end, Corey is a meticulous project manager, balancing highly analytical and deeply creative approaches in his work.

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