How does one become a prolific content creator? On top of that, what is the purpose and impact of an Elevated Resource Planning (ERP) firm? This week, we’re changing pace as we speak to an expert outside of the marketing realm—but one whose efforts are crucial to the success of marketers in the digital space. Sam Gupta, the Principal Consultant at ElevatIQ, joins us to talk about his experience in the technical professional services space, the impact of building professional & personal relationships, and how his experiences have impacted his decisions as a content creator.



  • Valuing Your Journey – Sam’s career path took some unique turns and, like anyone in the industry, success may not necessarily be replicable. Your journey isn’t always going to line up with the companies you aspire to, and that’s OKAY. Find what makes YOU unique.

  • Trust (and lots of it) – A critical component of dealmaking is recognizing who you’re making deals with, and if they belong in your professional space. Working hard and committing yourself to gaining credibility will go a long way in your career efforts.

  • The Effort Threshold (a.k.a the “Path of Least Resistance”) – When starting from the bottom, consider the tasks you can accomplish with the least amount of effort and investment with the most beneficial impact. A blog-writing strategy, for example, added credibility to Sam’s work, but it wasn’t a task that came naturally (at least at first).

  • Relationship-Building – While success may not be replicable, it can be discussed! Reaching out to connections you aspire to be like (In Sam’s case, high-profile LinkedIn Influencers) and building those relationships both expands knowledge and establishes a support system.

  • Acknowledging Past Results – As a service provider, keeping track of good & bad results (with clients or content) sets the stage for future success, and strengthens the learning curve.

  • Symbiotic Relationships – From a zoomed-out perspective, sales and marketing are both sources of content, and when joined together can create an ongoing cycle of content ideation and development.

  • Content Volume – Where is your content most optimal, and how frequently is it consumed? Being aware of the venues for your content plays a large role in your content’s success; frequent podcast episodes may be more beneficial than frequent YouTube videos, or vice versa.


  • Do Your Research – Set yourself up for success in any content-focused relationship by understanding a potential partner’s background prior to meeting. As Sam puts it, “I need to do enough research so I am able to talk with people, I am able to talk their language, and I am able to meet them comfortably when they are working with me.”

  • Delegation – Finding collaborators who are able to “be their own boss” ensures a trusted partnership that allows them to take the lead on certain tasks so you can step in and provide input only when necessary.

  • Defining the Target Market – Getting ahead of content production and recognizing who content is for to begin with sets the foundation for more relevant work to be done (and for it to reach the right people!).

  • Keywords, Keywords, Keywords – Are you using the words that people are searching? Connecting your content to rankable search items plays a role in content visibility and how it resonates with any given audience.

  • Multi-Channel Strategies – When you’re making a piece of content, it shouldn’t always stop at a specific channel; for example, TikTok posts could (and should) find their way to YouTube Shorts. What gets 20 views on one channel may go viral on another. ALWAYS track performance, and the channels your competitors may be using to get a competitive advantage.



From the start, Sam sought out opportunities to deliver content to an ideal audience. However, success doesn’t happen overnight. Putting out content and tweaking based on results was key to his success, as it allowed him to seek out and address any content pitfalls. Sam went from 0 inbound traffic to inbound being the “bread and butter” for his content, and that didn’t come without thoughtful testing and tweaking of his output. This has led to more qualified inbound leads for Sam’s business, and ultimately a much more connected audience.

A bit more about Sam:

Sam Gupta began his career as an expert in B2B sales, and is currently the Principal Consultant of ElevatIQ, an independent Elevated Resource Planning and Digital Transformation Consulting firm. Using a Vendor-Agnostic approach, ElevatIQ works tirelessly to define enterprise architecture using ERP, eCommerce, and other technological resources. In his career, Sam has mastered business process re-engineering and IT enabled business transformation, bringing partnering businesses modern success.

Since 2020, Sam has also hosted WBSRocks, a podcast series dedicated to a unique holistic approach  for  business systems and technology. 

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