What’s your philosophy? Is it kindness, excellence, tenacity, or a mixture of multiple ideologies?

Whatever your philosophy, how does it apply to your business, and better yet, your position as a leader? Philosophies curate your environment, in that how you choose to lead may greatly help or hinder your efforts in your business operations.

In this episode, we welcome CMO & Go-To-Market Advisor Jamey Heinze to the Master Marketer Show! One look at his resume, and you’ll understand why we’re so thankful to have fit into his schedule for a thoughtful discussion on the philosophies behind effective, results-driven marketing leadership.


  • The Tom Sawyer Approach – Early on, Jamey recognized the motivators for success largely rested around diplomacy – something he considers “80% of the battle.” With that comes the genuine authenticity required to encourage others to take part in initiatives that may not be fun, but will be effective.

  • Marketing is Fun! – Jamey often reminds himself: you only get to live this life once. Smile, make a joke, and have fun! Marketers aren’t surgeons – mistakes are okay, and the journey is bound to make you a better marketer as long as you stick with it.

  • It’s Not a Science – Automation has its place, but many of the intricacies of marketing aren’t yet replacing the standard worker. Approaching marketing from a holistic approach — one that lifts the uniqueness of workers, and aids in the balance of metrics and authenticity.

  • Live Your Core Values – Did you attach core values to your company? You best be implementing them into every aspect of your business. A poster on your wall isn’t enough – team members need to see their leaders walking the talk.


  • Communication & Expression – A good project manager, to Jamey, comes with a person who can write — in his journey, Jamey found that C-Suite and Executive leaders may not have the time or the skill to write, and people who hold excellent communication skills have an upper hand in the industry.

  • Risk as a GTM Strategy – Consider this: with the many AI software options that have come out over the years, why is ChatGPT on everyone’s mind? In their GTM strategy, they made the initial software free to users. That was a risk, considering AI software of the past used a subscription strategy. Risk, when done wisely, gets you noticed.

  • Empathy – The cultural component of your brand becomes more and more important as you take on leadership roles in a business. “360 empathy,” as Jamey calls it, implores leaders to find an empathetic structure so that everybody in a company is on the same page regarding what they need, and what distinct competencies will fulfill those needs.

  • Driving Revenue-Focused Opportunities – What makes it easier for executives to spend money on marketing initiatives? RESULTS. Single out what’s working and move forward with it to prevent waste and open up larger opportunities for your brand.


  • The Responsibility Assignment Matrix (RACI)
  • Pivot Tables
  • CRM
  • Automation Tools
  • A/B Testing


A company (and its leadership) thrive in spaces where its intentions are made clear, and most often intentions are made clear by solid, easy-to-understand core values. Jamey advocates for big and bold icons for core values. Much like a brand logo, core values must be easy to identify. Work is work at the end of the day, but marketing work leaves room for innovation, exploration, and fun, and a company that abides by core values by displaying them prominently every day is bound to see its workers succeed at a much greater rate. Authenticity is key, though, and if you feel like you’re “faking” through developing core values, it’s time to reconsider.

A bit more about Jamey:

Jamey Heinze is the CMO and Go-To-Market Advisor for HUVR and Waterloo Data, as well as the Go-To-Market Advisor for Five By Five and The Cortado Group. If you’re surprised by Jamey’s busy resume… don’t be. With a lengthy career in marketing, Jamey has mastered leadership and earned a prominent position as a thought leader in the industry. With a career that started in sales with Xerox, Jamey quickly learned about the different types of motivations that go into any business department and has since used that knowledge to continually improve his efforts and the efforts of those around him.

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