It’s a hot take to say B2B is boring, but when compared to the glitzy nature of B2C, we can see the concern. Unlike the commercials intended for consumers (the ones with the A-List celebrities that are on 100 times a day), B2B marketing is not exactly glamorous by comparison.

Fret not, for our latest guest can confirm that B2B does NOT have to be boring! In this episode, we sit down with Tim Davidson, Senior Manager of Digital Marketing at Directive Consulting, for an insightful discussion on content creation in B2B Marketing. A champion of the B2B market, Tim has repeatedly asserted that no matter what you think about B2B, it’s the PEOPLE behind the marketing that makes it unique. 

How do you hire the right people in B2B, and what role does the influencer play in B2B marketing strategies? And more specifically, what role does personal branding play in your career as a whole?


  • Stick With It! – Authority building doesn’t happen in a day. Tim tried and failed three times before gaining a large LinkedIn Following. By sticking with it, he was suddenly exposed to a series of communications that he may have never had if he quit posting on LinkedIn. 

  • Just Post – Simple enough, right? Not really! If you get stuck on releasing content, keep in mind that every post you make is a test of effectiveness. It won’t be perfect the first time, and it won’t necessarily be original, but it WILL help you find your audience more than radio silence.

  • The Community Aspect – Are you seeking influencers, or are you seeking community? There are plenty of people with influence who have interns making their content, but there are also plenty of businesses that are creating content, educating, and building community. It’s the latter that will build the community you need to thrive. 

  • Open Communication – If you’re questioning if something is out of your realm, or if a piece of content may be perceived as inappropriate, ask! Open communication produces relevant feedback and offers a very important perspective for your work moving forward.


  • Building a Following – Companies are making the transition to authority building on social media. Even more so, workers seeking executive roles are also taking the “influencer play” into consideration as they build both their corporate and personal brands. Tim predicts that those who work on their brand will succeed in commerce.

  • Post Twice a Day – Algorithms aside, your social media is a tool that needs to be nurtured, and those who stick with posting twice a day are likely to see their social nurturing rewarded. And NEVER discount the benefit of active engagement with comments on any content you post!

  • Long-Term Consistency – Critical thinking, reaction to feedback, and intentionality all play into your success as a content creator. Are you open and willing to change? Are you able to find ideas and connect the dots? You might not know, but sticking to a consistent schedule and setting goals will get you there. 

  • The Big Picture – As an executive, are you in tune with your goals? In the creator landscape, do you understand the importance of non-revenue generating content, and what it means to keep at the top-of-mind of all potential customers? Evaluating the big picture as a corporate leader, especially in the influencer era of marketing, is crucial to aiding the success of all marketing campaigns.



Before taking action, Tim found himself watching LinkedIn and TikTok content that took a unique twist on user engagement, leading him to the unique production style that he implements today. From his perspective, being an influencer is not just about authority, it’s about building community and keeping consistent. 

Since assuming his position at Directive, Tim has overseen over $500,000 in new business revenues and over $1 million in the pipeline. As we can all imagine, that doesn’t come easy. By focusing on an influencer mindset, Tim has also actively been able to pull in potential customers because of his TikTok, LinkedIn, and Podcast presence. 

The benefit? Being noticed by content from enthusiasts and customers alike produces a tremendously positive outcome that, despite being financially intangible, puts Tim lightyears ahead of similar companies who don’t put in the effort. 

A bit more about Tim:

Tim Davidson is the Senior Manager of Digital Marketing at Directive Consulting, a performance marketing company designed for the tech industry. In 10 years, Directive has generated over $1 Billion in revenue for its clients, largely due to leaders like Tim championing their teams and the influencers they partner with.

Tim is an advocate of personal brand-building — his unique approach has amassed him over 11,000 LinkedIn Followers and 3,200 TikTok followers. Many may recognize Tim for his B2B-focused sketches and his incredibly popular Exotic Fruits video series, where he samples exotic fruits while offering vital information for B2B Marketers. 

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