In this episode of Master Marketer Show, host Mike Grinberg sits down with Travis Bradshaw, Director of Marketing at Armanino LLP, to discuss the mindsets and skillsets marketers need to prove ROI and gain buy-in during economic uncertainty. They cover how to build strong relationships with revenue and finance teams, adopting a business-minded approach, leveraging data and AI tools to maximize resources, and staying nimble to changing business landscapes.

Key Points:

  • The increased pressure marketing teams face to prove ROI and justify budgets during economic uncertainty.
  • Adopting a business-minded approach and getting curious about how the business works.
  • Partnering closely with revenue and finance teams.
  • Using AI and automation tools to maximize internal resources.
  • The importance of internal marketing and consistent communication.
  • Adopting a growth mindset. Being curious and always asking “why.”


Marketers Feeling the Pressure

Marketers are facing increased pressure from finance teams to prove ROI and justify budgets, especially in economic downturns. And while marketing often has to deal with unrealistic expectations, it’s fair to scrutinize marketing when goals aren’t met.

Key Mindsets for Marketing Leaders 

Curiosity is one of the most important mindsets for all marketers, but especially leaders. Curiosity about the business model and goals, and business-mindedness to understand finance and downstream impacts. This will help leaders understand how marketing ladders up to overall company objectives.

Partnering with Revenue and Finance Teams

Marketers must partner with revenue and finance teams. And these relationships shouldn’t be contentious.

Marketers can use pipeline calls to get feedback from revenue leaders. And when it comes to dealing with finance, speak their language, and show how campaigns impact financial metrics.. 

Internal Marketing is a Critical Skill

Keeping the broader organization aligned and excited about marketing initiatives is more than half the battle, especially when budgets are tight. Marketing leaders need to adapt their communication style to connect with different stakeholders.





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