How We Do It

The Proofpoint Process

Follow the proof and you'll always get to the point.

When it comes to marketing, one size does not fit all. We listen to your needs, ask the right questions, and create strategies that leverage the right channels for your business and brand. Our knowledge and enthusiasm for pushing boundaries is both deep and wide. We have the talent, know-how and passion to create fully-customized digital strategies that enable you to connect with your audiences and reach your goals. We do this by following our proven methodology, The Proofpoint Process.


Client Onboarding: We begin with a series of small steps that help you get onboarded, including access to key documents and information you’ll need to be ready to start.

Discovery Calls: We hold a series of conversations with key internal and external stakeholders to ensure we deeply understand your business and your customers.


Analysis and Findings: Our objective is to dissect every inch of your digital marketing ecosystem to uncover what you do best, what your competitors are doing, and what motivates your audience. You will receive a thorough and comprehensive set of findings that may include:

    • Target Audience Evaluable
    • Social Media Analysis
    • Website and SEO Review
    • Paid Advertising Audits
    • Ecosystem Audit Deck
    • Audience Profiles
    • Keyword Research
    • Content Gap Analysis


Review Deliverables: We meet with you to collaboratively discuss all audit findings and provide actional recommendations to improve your marketing output to reach your goals.

Loop Back: We believe in total transparency, so we regularly circle back to clearly discuss what is working and what can be improved so we can consistently deliver real outcomes.


Create the Roadmap: We work behind-the-scenes to develop an Activation Blueprint for reaching, engaging, and nurturing your target audiences. Depending on your specific marketing objectives and recommended strategies outlined from the Audit phase, this roadmap may include the following deliverables:

    • OSTCM
    • Buyer Journey Map
    • Funnel Map
    • Content Framework
    • Editorial Calendar
    • Media Plan and Budget
    • Media Forecast
    • Activation Delivery Timeline



All Systems Go: We focus on flawless execution backed by detailed measurements and ongoing communication with you, to ensure your campaigns are running smoothly.


Analyze: We continuously analyze and review the data coming in from your campaigns to make appropriate tweaks and optimizations that ensure you’re getting the best ROI.

Hypothesize: When data speaks, we listen. And there are times when the insights we’re delving into require more rigorous testing. In these scenarios, we will employ the Proofpoint Testing Brief, which includes:

    • A methodical outline of the perceived benefits and risks of testing
    • Hypothesized outcomes of implementing a test on your campaign
    • Details around which types of tests are best suited for your campaign
    • Implementation of approved testing methods

Rinse, Wash, Repeat: We keep strategizing, iterating, activating, testing and perfecting your marketing machine to ensure you’re getting the results you want. One trick pony? Not us.


Still have questions?

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