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We’re looking for proud, passionate, pragmatic and purposeful individuals who are ready to continue growing and evolving with the colleagues around them. Be part of a team that drives profitable growth for our clients, and a company that prioritizes a people-first culture.

Our Hiring Process

The hiring process is only the beginning in what we know will be a positive and fruitful career at Proofpoint. We are committed to transparency and honesty at every stage, ensuring new teammates are a good fit both for the role and within our people-first culture. The following steps outline what you can expect through the hiring process at Proofpoint. Be sure to check out our Hiring Experience Guide, too. We look forward to meeting you!


Applicant submits resume and intro video. We use a 3rd party applicant tracking system called Vervoe.
All instructions and communication takes place through the app.


The initial interview will be scheduled with the hiring manager, and will be conducted over video conference, either via Zoom or Google Hangouts.


Applicants are asked to complete a Skills and Culture Assessment. We're testing your fluency at the job,
as well as your communication skills and how well you'll add to our culture.


Applicants will review their completed project and questionnaire, and go over additional questions with the hiring manager. We're an open-book, so ask us anything!


Applicants will meet with other members of the Proofpoint team. At this stage, we ask candidates to submit a list of references.


If everything checks out, then an offer is extended! A letter outlining the role, salary and other requirements will be sent for your signature.

A Path Forward

Always knows where you are and where you want to go

Transparency is one of our most important values, as we believe in being transparent in all that we do. Hiring and growing your career is no exception, which is why we created this handy chart to help you understand the hiring and growth opportunities at Proofpoint.

Don’t see the position you’re looking for?

We’re always on the lookout for exceptional talent and would love to hear from you. We love to meet smart people and exchange great ideas over a cup of coffee (or tea). Get in touch with us below!