Marketing Operations/Analytics Lead

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Hi, I’m Mike, and I’m the CEO of Proofpoint Marketing and I’m also currently head of the Client Delivery Team. This is a critical role for us as we look to take the next step in further formalizing our Relationship Velocity™ Framework. Because what gets measured, gets managed, and many marketing teams are measuring and managing the wrong things. The person coming into this role will work with me directly to develop our measurement framework, related tool stack and will also be responsible for managing all things data and analytics for our clients.

I value self-accountability and decisive action, so am looking for someone to come into this role and own it – come with ideas, and be willing to try things, and sometimes fail (as long as we learn something).

What's the role?

We believe that marketing’s job is to build relationships at scale, and your job will be to measure the value of these relationships and provide the necessary technical support and know-how to our clients and internal teams.

This position is one part data ops, one part marketing ops, and all of it focused on helping the delivery team with their most complex technical challenges.

What you'll need

  • A strong mastery of data and statistical concepts
  • Strong technical background with expertise in CRM and customer data management
  • Expertise with marketing data reporting platforms and database management
  • Expertise with marketing automation tools
  • Exceptional organizational skills and ability to balance multiple projects
  • Willingness to help, educate and mentor both internal and client teams

About you

  • You love getting into the weeds and getting your hands dirty with research, data, and code
  • You make working with you easy and an enjoyable experience
  • You love testing, creating, and building something new
  • You geek out on simplifying data and pulling out critical insights
  • You’re quick on your feet; a self-starter; and someone who takes direction well and doesn’t need to be instructed on something multiple times.
  • You’re comfortable and willing to operate within a certain degree of ambiguity. We’re looking for people that can figure things out, present solutions and ask for help when needed.
  • You appreciate feedback and are willing to listen, but also able to speak up and share what’s on your mind. Our culture is transparent, open and direct. Passive-aggressiveness will not work at Proofpoint!
  • You’re comfortable with and thrive in a remote and asynchronous environment.
  • You exemplify kindness, integrity and collaboration. You care about your work and helping others.
  • You can see yourself standing behind and upholding our mission and vision as a company.

What success looks like

30 – LEARN

  • Understand Relationship Velocity™ Framework.
  • Evaluate measurement/reporting tool stack for all clients
  • Know and track core KPIs for all assigned clients
  • Formalize transition to GA4 for our clients

60 – BUILD

  • Develop Relationship Velocity™ Measurement Strategy
  • Identify measurement/reporting tool stack
  • Identify technical opportunities for Proofpoint’s marketing

90 – DO

  • Implement measurement/reporting tool stack
  • Train internal team on measurement/reporting tool stack
  • Activate against technical marketing opportunities for Proofpoint


  • Formalize Marketing Ops function and workflows and prepare to build team

About Proofpoint

We turn predictable customer behavior into predictable and scalable revenue.

Proofpoint Marketing is a B2B Go-To-Market Consultancy, helping tech, manufacturing and technical professional services companies build customer relationships at scale.

We believe in radical transparency. We believe in doing great work by putting people first. We believe your job shouldn’t come at the expense of your life. We believe in doing all things well and for the right reasons.

We’ll empower you to do your best work with the tools you need, undivided support from the team, a fully-flexible and remote work environment, and an expectation that you’ll help us change outdated marketing and business norms, and pave the way for others to follow.


Client Delivery Team

Employment Type:

Full Time


100% Remote; Anywhere in the U.S.


$95,000 - $105,000

Reporting To:

Mike Grinberg

Hiring Manager

Mike Grinberg
CEO & Head of Client Delivery

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