Creativity in spades

we went all-in to create a winning hand

we're putting our
cards on the table

Some of our most cherished memories were playing card games with our parents, siblings and friends. 

Before the internet; before we could get our hands on the latest video games; before Netflix and chill—we had good old-fashioned analog entertainment.

We learned quite a bit from these game nights: Strategy. Negotiation. Diplomacy. Concentration. Patience. How to make bets and take risks. How to think one-step ahead of opponents. How to solve problems on the go.

Those special times ended up being way more than just fun and games. That’s why we sweetened the pot this holiday season. We were inspired to create something that would encourage you to step away from the computer, put your phone down, and spend quality time with your loved ones.

casino-quality decks

We created a pair of premium decks, inspired by the Proofpoint brand. The cards are printed in the U.S.A. on 310 lbs Casino Paper Stock with a luxurious linen finish, for an authentic, crisp feel, every time you deal.

Created by Marketers,
for Marketers

The face cards and Aces represent the many talented marketers we know and have worked with throughout our careers. Perhaps you've worked with them, too. Our hope is you see yourself reflected in one of them, as well as.

Paw-ty people
in the house

You'll be howling in delight by the jokers in each deck, inspired by the Proofpoint Pups: Moxie the Boston Terrier; Hobson the Doberman Pinscher; Samson the German Shepherd; and Penny the English Bulldog.

Play your cards right

Feeling lucky? Click each card for a winning hand
Use the toggle and shuffle buttons below

When you play with these cards, we hope you’ll reflect on how much fun it is to be a marketer and how much potential you hold in your hands to create lasting experiences for those around you.

Meet the artist:
Scott Sugiuchi

Scott has been designing and illustrating for over 25 years with award-winning agencies as creative director, partner or founder, including Backbone Design, Vibranium, Eisner Communications and Exit 10.

He’s been recognized by The One Show, Communication Arts, Print, HOW, Rolling Stone, Addys, and AdWeek as well as featured on Sirius/XM, WFMU, WTMD and the CreativeHOW podcast.

In addition to his work as a creative director, Scott is also an accomplished musician. He founded the boutique record label Hidden Volume Records in 2014 and has released work by artists like Satan’s Pilgrims, the Kurt Baker Combo and the DTs, among others.

Were you dealt a
bad hand in your marketing?

Unsure how to stay in the game? Proofpoint knows the stakes are high and losing is not an option. When you make a bet, you want to have the winning hand. Our team is the ace up your sleeve to drive revenue so you can win the jackpot in 2023.