Messaging Acceleration

Is your content engine cutting through the crowd or adding to the noise?

You have a great product. Your team delivers quality work consistently, which drives referral business. But it’s time to move faster than where referrals and current relationships will take you.

The problem is your marketing and outbound efforts are sputtering out. You’re telling prospects about your expertise, experience and quality work—but they don’t seem to get it…

The problem is your messaging.

To accelerate growth, you need a strong point of view. Your message needs to get your ideal customers excited and address their skepticisms. Otherwise, you’re just adding to the noise.

What you need is Messaging Acceleration.

It’s the fastest way to rebuild your content engine, so it purrs with precision and punches through the crowd. We use a proprietary blend of customer research, paid media and rapid testing to help you find your lane and speed past your competition.

Confidently go to market with messaging that will move your prospective customers from complacent detractors to brand champions. Take your prospects on a journey by building affinity, starting conversations and building relationships at scale.

Messaging Acceleration includes:

Establish a Baseline

  • Perform a CRM win/loss analysis to identify your best-fit ICP for message testing
  • Conduct audience targeting research to understand where we can best reach your target audience.
  • Create baseline messaging ads based on current website massaging to test performance

Develop A Hypothesis

  • Conduct internal stakeholder conversations with executive leadership, the sales leader, the marketing leader, the product leader, and the operations leader
  • Create an Alpha Build messaging presentation + video recording based on stakeholder input
  • Develop an Alpha Build ad set
  • Run a two-week paid media test targeted to your ideal customers on one platform and analyze the results

Message Optimization

  • Conduct customer conversations to inform key insights and language
  • Create a Beta Build messaging presentation + video recording based on customer input, and Alpha Build learnings
  • Develop a Beta Build ad set
  • Run a two-week paid media test targeted to your ideal customers on one platform and analyze the results

Accelerate Messaging Reach

  • Create a final messaging presentation + video recording based on Beta Build results
  • Develop a Launch ad set
  • Launch ads on up to three platforms based on audience research and your paid media budget
  • Get the Relationship VelocityTM Blueprint to outline the activities needed to continue building affinity, starting conversations, and nurturing relationships with your ideal customers.

Your Messaging Acceleration
Delivery Team

THE DIRECTOR OF DEMAND GENERATION is responsible for setting strategy and overseeing tactics deployed to cultivate long-term relationships for our clients. They tap into a unique combination of skill, strategic knowledge and intuition to help their clients enter and succeed in new markets, and fine-tune their customer experience programs. The DDG is the “CEO” of their Delivery Pod at Proofpoint. They are responsible for the delivery and effectiveness of the work, as well as the profitability of the accounts, and they oversee and mentor the Performance Marketers in their pod.

THE MARKETING OPERATIONS & ANALYTICS LEAD is responsible for measuring the impact that building relationships at scale has on revenue. They work closely with clients to implement systems for collecting data that’s used to gain insights for optimizing marketing strategies and tactics. Their chief objective is to give clients and the Proofpoint Delivery team the data they need to confidently make decisions that ultimately result in revenue growth.

THE PROJECT MANAGER/COORDINATOR is responsible for planning and organizing all client work, while ensuring timelines and deliverables are met for everyone in their Delivery Pod. They are also a source of knowledge and truth for our clients and work to build trust and understanding across accounts and deliver an exceptional experience for all stakeholders.

THE PERFORMANCE CONTENT MARKETER is a master wordsmith and storyteller. They're responsible for planning, creating and distributing content (in all different forms) to attract and convert prospects into clients, and clients into raging advocates.

THE PERFORMANCE MEDIA MARKETER is responsible for the management and optimization of paid search, social and display campaigns. Working closely with their pod-mates, they determine distribution and amplification strategies that build relationships at scale.



*Includes three message sprints: Alpha, Beta and Launch. More sprints testing product-specific messaging or company-specific messaging can be added for an additional $11,995 per sprint.

Within a few short months, you will:


Have data-driven messaging to use in your marketing, sales and on your website


Generate affinity for your brand from your 
ideal customers


Know what gets your ideal customers excited and what they are skeptical about


Understand what your customers’ decision-making dynamics are and whose opinions matter


Learn where your ideal customers hang out


Have ad creative that consistently connects with ideal customers that are actively driving affinity for your brand


Receive a final marketing and sales deck


Get a clear strategic plan for how to continue to build affinity, start conversations, and nurture relationships with your ideal customers

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