Aaron Weekes

Sr. Performance Marketing Manager

What I do at Proofpoint

I help our customers build relationships at scale by leveraging the power of paid media. As a Sr. Performance Marketing manager, I help deliver, execute and optimize our client’s marketing strategy through paid channels to create and capture demand. I enjoy researching and learning new tactics to make myself, my team and our client’s better.

Why you should consider Proofpoint

I’ve worked in agencies for 7+ years and have heard the term work life balance ad nauseam. That’s not the case at Proofpoint. Everyone at Proofpoint doesn’t just say it, they live it. Gaby and Mike are truly building a remote-first agency to retire outdated working traditions and norms. If you want to be a part of an organization actively building the future of the workplace, then Proofpoint is for you.

My professional background

I’ve held several marketing functions and roles that have given me a holistic grasp of the marketing funnel.

I started my career at Caterpillar Inc. as a marketing analyst in the Global Construction Industries department. As a marketing analyst, I performed customer research and field marketing to gather customer insights for the hydraulic excavator product group.

Moving to the agency side, I worked on my design, branding and creative chops as a copywriter for Jajo. Continuing my growth and adopting new digital technologies and frameworks, I was promoted into the Digital Strategist position where I strategized, planned and executed client’s digital media strategies.

From Jajo, I moved to the industrial marketing agency Gorilla 76 as a Strategist. I worked with clients to scale their marketing operations and improve their revenue sourced from marketing attribution. Also at Gorilla 76, I was the co-host of Industrial Marketing Live, a biweekly live event for industrial marketers.
Before transitioning to Proofpoint Marketing, I worked with a SaaS startup, Elevate Demand, as Growth Marketing Manager, where I built growth strategies, and experiments and executions to unlock growth for startups in the cyber security, education and law industries.

I also write, record and produce a marketing podcast with my marketing peers Mary Keough, Sr. Strategist at Gorillay 76, and James Boeckmann, Director of Content at Gorilla 76, called The Purposeful Marketing Podcast. We ask the why about topics, ideas and debates that impact the everyday marketing practitioner.

Things I like to do outside of work

As most Proofpointers, spending time with my family is my favorite activity to do outside of work.

As a past English and Philosophy major, I love to continue writing, reading and thinking. And I always have a book in hand or a piece of paper to write down my thoughts. I am a huge soccer fan and continue to play, coach and support the sport. Go Arsenal!

I value giving back to the communities we serve. For this reason, I volunteer my marketing skills and time with a Chicgao non-profit called YourPassion1st (YP1). YP1 provides mentoring, coaching and resources to young adults to help inspire their passions and help young adults with workforce readiness.

If you're working alongside me, I care about…

Performing with purpose. You will never hear,” this is how we’ve always done it.” I like to challenge myself and my peers to build the future company we all want in the now. Asking the questions, doing the work and pushing yourself to grow is what you can expect from me and what I would expect from you.

Advice for candidates

Be the authentic you. We don’t want to work with anybody, we want to work with you. Proofpoint strives to create an open, honest and transparent environment where you can build the work life and personal life that you desire. If you have boundaries, requests, or dreams for what you want out of your job, let us know. Because we want to help you achieve it!

The unexamined life is not worth living.

Fun Facts About Aaron:

Favorite Music Genres:

Bluegrass, Jazz, Alternative

Favorite Sport:

Favorite sport is soccer. ⚽ I root for Arsenal of the English Premier League.

Hobbies & Interests:

Writing. Reading. Chess. Cooking. Antique thrifting.

Best words to describe me:

Cerebral, inquisitive, goofy, warm-hearted

Favorite Movie:

The Red Shoes 👠🩰

Favorite non-marketing podcasts:

The Rewatchables, Stadio and Tim Ferris Podcast

Favorite meal or cuisine:

Favorite meal is lasagna. But my favorite cuisine is Central American.

On my bucket list:

Would love to get my passport updated and travel to Central America or Europe in the next 5 years.