Jon Piehl

Marketing Operations & Analytics Lead

What I do at Proofpoint

I help clients measure the impact that building relationships at scale has on revenue. As the Marketing Operations and Analytics Lead, I work closely with clients to implement systems for collecting data that’s used to gain insights for optimizing marketing strategies and tactics. My goal is to give clients and the Proofpoint delivery team the data they need to confidently make decisions that ultimately result in revenue growth.

Why you should consider Proofpoint

Proofpoint is building the next generation of marketing agencies. Not only is Proofpoint pioneering a new relationship-focused model for marketing, but the founders, Mike and Gaby, are intentional about developing a people-first workplace. They promote flexibility, empathy, and personal / professional development, which results in the enrichment of both your work and life.

My professional background

I’ve worked in marketing for my entire career, and I attribute my ability to analyze data as a main source for the success I was able to achieve in growing organizations.

I started my career in higher education where I first managed the school’s website and then moved into a marketing leadership position. In that role, I built a predictive revenue model that we used to better understand what was required to increase the pool of prospective students and optimize the enrollment rate. The marketing team 

After higher education, I moved into B2B marketing where I worked on client acquisition for an agency. My main responsibility was to manage paid media, which I was able to optimize and grow to become a significant revenue channel for the company.

I really enjoy the complexities of B2B marketing and the technical aspects of marketing operations and analytics. It seems like B2B marketing and the B2B buyer is always changing, which creates fun challenges to solve and new ways of thinking

Things I like to do outside of work

Day to day, I just enjoy relaxing with my wife by watching shows / movies, going on walks and playing with our cats. I like cooking, baking, and playing video games as ways to decompress.

I’m a fan of the Denver Broncos, but they aren’t doing so well recently which makes it difficult to enjoy watching their games.

For physical activities, I run and go on bike rides.

When I travel, I like to explore small towns and local establishments. My wife and I often take road trips that avoid freeways so that we can drive through random areas and stop if something looks interesting.

If you're working alongside me, I care about…

Results. I like defining goals and working with a shared sense of purpose towards achieving them. That shared sense of purpose means not letting egos get in the way of the best ideas winning. It means supporting each other and not worrying about who gets credit.

I also care about you. I want you to grow, feel supported and be fulfilled in the work you’re doing.

Advice for candidates

Remember that you’re interviewing us as much as we’re interviewing you. Use the interview process to determine if Proofpoint and the role you’re applying for is the right fit for you.

We value honesty and authenticity. Don’t feel like you have to be someone you aren’t during the interviews.

And lastly, be confident in your skills and experiences. No one else in the world has the same set of skills and experiences you have. We’re interested in learning more about them.

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.

Fun Facts About Jon:

Favorite Music Genres:

Alt Rock 🎸

Favorite Sports Teams:

Denver Broncos 🏈

Hobbies & Interests

Hiking, cooking, baking, board games, video games

Words that best describe me:

Flexible, results-oriented and introverted

Favorite Movie:

The Lion King 🦁

Favorite Podcast:

Freakenomics Radio because they approach topics with an open-mind and discover unique insights from data and studies.

Someone I'd like to meet:

Abraham Lincoln. 🎩 I admire his principled approach to the situation he found himself in and would want to absorb some of his wisdom.

Something I could eat everyday:

Neapolitan pizza 🍕