Joseph Lewin

Director of Growth

What I do at Proofpoint

My job is to evangelize the Proofpoint brand and point of few through Demand Generation content and nurture relationships with future customers.

We believe that revenue is an outcome of great relationships. I’m privileged to help develop the messaging and strategy to build relationships at scale for Proofpoint. I also get to test new marketing and sales processes that we can implement for our clients.

Why you should consider Proofpoint

I’ve worked for 10+ companies; Proofpoint is a unicorn employer. Anyone can say they care for their employees. I’ve heard that from employers before, but here it’s actually true. Gaby and Mike are invested in each of us Proofpointers. That doesn’t end with Proofpoint but extends to the desire for us to succeed.

If you can manage your time and get stuff done, you won’t find a better place to work. Proofpoint is a place to learn, grow, and establish your personal brand.

My professional background

I’ve worked in quite a few jobs, including building decks, installing security cameras around the country, sweeping chimneys, and running an international non-profit organization. Each job has given me a unique understanding of how people think and how businesses should operate.

My marketing career began when I lived in Kenya in 2014. I took photos and videos of kids in Kenya for a sponsorship program. After leaving Kenya, my wife Megan and I traveled Europe taking photos and videos for high-end hotels’ social media in exchange for a few nights’ stay.

Once we got back home to Cincinnati, I started a business creating social media content for small businesses and ultimately creating marketing strategies and messaging.

After a few years of running my own business, I jumped into B2B marketing for an engineering software company. I wrote technical content, created product videos, and crafted the sales process and messaging.

In 2021 I doubled down on LinkedIn and launched a podcast called, The Strategic Marketer. Building a personal brand ultimately led to me interviewing our CEO, Mike, on the podcast. He asked me to interview for this role, and the rest is history.

I worked as a Director of Demand Generation here at Proofpoint for over a year. During that time, I helped drive relationships and pipeline for client accounts and helped develop our service offerings and outputs.

Things I like to do outside of work

I spend most of my time hanging out with my four kids and my amazingly talented wife, Megan. You’ll typically find me chasing my kiddos around the yard, playing LEGO, cooking, cutting down trees, tending my garden and chickens, or working on projects around my property. I also run a YouTube channel documenting homestead and DIY projects.

As a manager of people, I care about...

Your growth as a professional and individual, as well as:

  • Grit
  • Curiosity
  • Having fun
  • Ownership
  • Humility
  • Testing

Things you can expect to learn from me

  • Marketing strategy and messaging
  • Relationships-focused selling
  • Personal brand building
  • Career growth
  • Podcasting
  • LinkedIn
  • Writing

Advice for candidates

Be yourself! We want the real you on our team, not the polished resume. Each of us has areas we need to grow, so be honest about your strengths and weaknesses. Skill is important, but character and emotional intelligence are vital for success here.

I won’t play tricks on you or ask you questions to try to trip you up. The goal of the interview process is to see if you will be a good fit for my team and, just as important, if we will be a good fit for you. Ask me your questions!

Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.

Fun Facts About Joseph:

Favorite TV Series:

Poldark and 1883

Favorite Sports Team:

Go, Bengals! 🐯

Favorite Business Book:

“Never Split The Difference”
By Christopher Voss

Favorite Podcast:

The Ramsey Show