If you’re going OUTBOUND, then you’re exploring new trails, forging a new path into the unknown and taking the path less traveled to build strong relationships that lead to soaring new heights and beautiful vistas.

Mike Grinberg

CEO & Co-Founder

We believe relationships are the path to revenue. Far too many business development teams and organizations are relying on tired, outdated tactics that do more harm than good. 

They focus on playbooks that remove the human element from the equation. 

We believe a Relationship-Led approach to business development is what’s missing in today’s Advisory and Consulting Firms. 

This show highlights the strategies and tactics the top B2B business development practitioners use to build revenue-generating relationships with their ideal customers on the journey to revenue.

These are the stories of forging genuine relationships on the journey to revenue.

Each week, we feature a top B2B business Development Professional from an Advisory or Consulting Firm and discuss their successes and strategies when it comes to Building Relationships with their ideal clients.

Episodes are released every Monday and are available on our website, LinkedIn,YouTube and
all major podcasting platformsD

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Frequently Asked Questions:​

Who are the types of guests featured on the show?
We feature B2B Business Development Leaders (director level and above) in Advisory and Consulting Firms, specializing in management consulting, medtech/biotech consulting, IT consulting and/or accounting/financial services. 

Any guests or topics you don’t feature on the show? 

We do not feature lead-gen practitioners or businesses. We also don’t focus on cold-outbound techniques like cold-calling and cold emailing. This is a show for Business Development Professionals in longer consultative sales cycles that want to scale revenue through relationship-building activities.

I’m a B2B Business Development Professional in an Advisory or Consulting Firm, building meaningful relationships with my ideal clients. How can I share my strategies with your audience?

Please get in touch with Mike Grinberg on LinkedIn!

Any other details I need to know?

Yes! Get all the deets in our Podcast Guest Guide. Click the thumbnail above to download your copy. We can’t wait to have you on the show!🧡

Where to listen:

Episodes are posted on our website, as well as all major podcasting platforms. Subscribe so you never miss an episode!