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Mike's Down For a Hand of Durak

Russia's Most Popular Card Game!

Durak is a traditional Russian card game that is popular in many post-Soviet states.

The game first appeared in the late 18th century Russian Empire and was popularized by Imperial Army conscripts during the 1812 Russo-French war.

Initially a social pastime of uneducated peasants and industrial workers, after the October Revolution Durak has spread to numerous social levels by mid-20th century to soon become the most popular Soviet card game.
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Gaby's Crazy for Canasta

the most recent card game to achieve worldwide status as a classic

The game of Canasta was devised by attorney Segundo Sanchez Santos and his Bridge partner, architect Alberto Serrato in Montevideo, Uruguay, in 1939.

Canasta thrilled Uruguay first, then Argentina, Chile, Peru, and soon all of South America, eventually making its way to the USA and Europe, after WWII. The global expansion triggered the development of many different variations.

Growing up, Gaby and her family played Canasta at every family function and reunion. So much so, it's become a right of passage.
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Kristen's slick when it comes to Spit

This wild and crazy game is all about speed and quickness!

The goal of Spit is to get rid of one's cards as quickly as possible. The players do not take turns; physical speed and alertness is required to play faster than the opponent.

On each deal, the player who is first to go through all of their starting cards can reduce the number of cards for the next deal.

By being successful for several deals, clearing all of one's cards becomes possible, and if this is carried out successfully, one wins the game.
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Kris is a shark in the game of spoons

All you need is a deck of cards and some spoons!

Also known as pig or tongue, this part-card-game, part-bluffing-game is similar to liar or bull, but closer to musical chairs, as far as games are concerned.

The object of spoons is incredibly simple: don’t be the last one to grab a spoon! Much like musical chairs, there’s one less spoon than there are players, so one person will be inevitably end up the loser!
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Britta's an Ace at James Bond

Bring sniper-like precision to the table

James Bond is a game of speed and action, played with a standard deck of cards with Jokers removed. Each player tries to be the first to transform the piles of cards they have been dealt into sets of four-of-a-kind.

James Bond is also known as Atlantis or Chanhassen. Players must say the game's name when they've finished in order to win. The date and origins of the game are unknown, although it seems to have been created as recent as 2009.
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A game of patience and smarts

The card game that many people identify with Solitaire is Klondike Solitaire, which is the most played solitaire game.

It was popularized by Microsoft for including a digital version of the game with the Windows OS from 1990, onwards.

Another famous figure connected with Solitaire is Napoleon, who is said to have had a weakness for the game. In fact, multiple forms of the game were named for him, including Napoleon's Square, Napoleon at St. Helena, and Double Napoleon.
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Matt's a Maverick in the Game of War

Wage war to win all the cards

War (also known as Battle in the United Kingdom) is a simple card game, typically played by two players using a standard playing deck of cards. There are many variations, as well as related games such as the German 32-card Tod und Leben ("Life and Death").
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“Each player must accept the cards life deals him or her. But once they are in hand, he or she alone must decide how to play the cards in order to win the game."


Meet the artist:

Scott Sugiuchi, Creative Director

Scott's in love with hearts

the card game that's
anything but romantic

It’s believed the first version of Hearts was created in Spain around 1750. More than a hundred years later, it made its way to America.

The game has evolved quite a bit in the last 270 years. Most notably, different parts of the world play by different scoring rules.

There are more than a dozen ways to play Hearts today. Most games have fabulous names, including Auction Hearts, Black Maria (popular in the UK), Black Lady (popular in the US), Omnibus Hearts and Heartsette.
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Scott has been designing and illustrating for over 25 years with award-winning agencies as creative director, partner or founder, including Backbone Design, Vibranium, Eisner Communications, and Exit 10.

Clients include The Nature Conservancy, House of Blues, National Basketball Association, Walt Disney World, Haxan Films/Artisan Pictures (The Blair Witch Project), USAirways, Abbott, Johns Hopkins University, General Motors, SiriusXM, Carnival Corporation, and Hard Rock Cafe.

He’s been recognized by The One Show, Communication Arts, Print, HOW, Rolling Stone, Addys, and AdWeek as well as featured on Sirius/XM, WFMU, WTMD and the CreativeHOW podcast.

In addition to his work as a creative director, Scott is also an accomplished musician. He founded the boutique record label Hidden Volume Records in 2014 and has released work by artists like Satan’s Pilgrims, the Kurt Baker Combo and the DTs, among others.

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