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At Proofpoint, we like to say the “Proof is in the Pudding.” 

And while we’re still figuring out how to serve everyone some of our sweet, sweet revenue marketing pudding, our podcast, Show Me The Proof, Get To the Point, is the next best thing!

We interview amazing and accomplished guests who will show you the proof–while your hosts and Proofpoint Co-Founders Gaby and Mike will get to the point–so you can up your B2B marketing game from some of the best in the industry. 

Episodes are released every Wednesday and are available on our website, LinkedIn and YouTube and all major podcasting platforms.

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Recent Episodes

Ep. 20 Steve Watt – Real Business Outcomes from Social Selling

Is there a single CEO or sales leader out there who wouldn’t want to see their sellers hit 160% of quota? Well that’s exactly what SAP, a client of Seismic’s was able to achieve by going all in on social selling. Steve is the Director of Marketing for Sei

Ep. 19 Jonathan Morgan – Demand Capture vs. Demand Creation

Want to increase your inbound revenue by 70% next year? Then you may want to listen to this conversation with Jonathan Morgan, the Director of Sales and Marketing Ops at AchieveIt. To do this, they were able to increase contract values by 30% and increase

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the types of guests featured on the podcast?

We feature B2B marketing leaders in startups, Fortune 5000 and 1000 companies, specializing in manufacturing, tech, SaaS, and professional services. We also feature B2B business-owners and marketing SMEs.

I’m a B2B marketer and I have a great case study. How can I share my revenue-generating strategies with your audience?

Click on the “Join Us On The Show” button above, or send us a message.

So once I submit my intake form, what’s next?

We’ll set-up a 15-minute call to get to know you and discuss the particulars of your case study. Then, you’ll select a time to record your episode! After we record, we’ll be in touch before your episode goes live.

Any other details I need to know?

Yes! It’s all conveniently included in our Podcast Guest Guide. Click the button to the left. We can’t wait to have you on the show!


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