Relationship Enablement™

Turn conversations into 
revenue-generating relationships

Turn conversations into revenue-generating relationships

Go-To-Market is a Team Sport

Once you have identified your best fit customer ICP, both sales and marketing should be working in lock-step to build relationships with people within these organizations.Yet, in many organizations, marketing and sales are still working siloed motions and fighting over deal and revenue attribution. Relationship EnablementTM is all about building an integrated playbook for your sales and marketing teams.

Increase Inbound Conversation Opportunities

By creating a system of conversation magnets – something that actually adds a ton of value and you feel bad not charging for – and a community built around live events, your sales team will have more natural opportunities to connect with both your current and prospective customers.

Enable Conversations Through Outbound

Everyone is inundated with spam outreach right now. Don’t add to that noise. Leveraging this same system, your sales team will be able to authentically reach out to invite ideal customers to events, send helpful conversation magnets, and follow-up with an offer to help.

Here's What This Looks Like:

Your Relationship Enablement™ Team

THE DIRECTOR OF DEMAND GENERATION is responsible for setting strategy and overseeing tactics deployed to cultivate long-term relationships for our clients. They tap into a unique combination of skill, strategic knowledge and intuition to help their clients enter and succeed in new markets, and fine-tune their customer experience programs. The DDG is the “CEO” of their Delivery Pod at Proofpoint. They are responsible for the delivery and effectiveness of the work, as well as the profitability of the accounts, and they oversee and mentor the Performance Marketers in their pod.

THE MARKETING OPERATIONS & ANALYTICS LEAD is responsible for measuring the impact that building relationships at scale has on revenue. They work closely with clients to implement systems for collecting data that’s used to gain insights for optimizing marketing strategies and tactics. Their chief objective is to give clients and the Proofpoint Delivery team the data they need to confidently make decisions that ultimately result in revenue growth.

THE PROJECT MANAGER/COORDINATOR is responsible for planning and organizing all client work, while ensuring timelines and deliverables are met for everyone in their Delivery Pod. They are also a source of knowledge and truth for our clients and work to build trust and understanding across accounts and deliver an exceptional experience for all stakeholders.

THE PERFORMANCE CONTENT MARKETER is a master wordsmith and storyteller. They're responsible for planning, creating and distributing content (in all different forms) to attract and convert prospects into clients, and clients into raging advocates.

THE PERFORMANCE MEDIA MARKETER is responsible for the management and optimization of paid search, social and display campaigns. Working closely with their pod-mates, they determine distribution and amplification strategies that build relationships at scale.


Starting at $14,759/mo*

*Additional one-time strategy/setup of $8,719. Baseline price includes bi-monthly event schedule. Increased event frequency will increase the investment.

As a result you can expect:

A predictable referral pipeline

Incremental qualified opportunities

Increased deal size

Shorter sales cycles

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