Relationship Measurement Framework

Developing the infrastructure & reporting to make data-informed decisions for Relationship-Led Growth strategies

Relationship Measurement Framework

In a complex B2B ecosystem, understanding the direct impact of your marketing efforts on revenue is both critical and challenging. Traditional metrics often fail to capture the nuances of building relationships, and with disjointed measurements, many businesses are left second-guessing the real influence of their marketing endeavors.

Our Relationship Measurement Framework offers a structured template to ensure your marketing strategies not only build relationships but also translate to tangible business results.

Measuring the Relationship Journey:

Our approach breaks down the journey into three pivotal stages to give a holistic view of your marketing influence:

  • Affinity – Gauge the level of excitement about your ideas and people within your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP). Is your ICP truly resonating with what you bring to the table?
  • Conversations – Measure the frequency and quality of engagements. Are you initiating dialogues with the right stakeholders?
  • Relationships – Ascertain the conversion of these engagements into revenue and referrals. Beyond engagement, are these relationships truly profitable?

A Comprehensive, Three-Pronged Approach:

To decode the intricacies of this relationship-driven journey and its ripple effect on revenue, we adopt a trio of analytical lenses:

  • Click-based Attribution: Analyze engagement metrics and traceback revenue to specific marketing activities. Which touchpoints are driving real engagement and conversion?
  • Self-reported Attribution: Collect direct feedback from your prospects and clients. How do they perceive their relationship journey and its key influencers?
  • Time-series Correlation: Understand the temporal dynamics between marketing efforts and revenue generation. How does your marketing momentum correlate with revenue trends?

Benefits of the Relationship Measurement Framework

Good B2B marketing does more than just get the word out; it builds relationships. And with Relationship Measurement Framework, you’ll not only build these relationships but also measure, refine and perfect the art of turning engagements into revenue. It’s time to redefine the metrics of success!


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