Go beyond social selling and cold-pitching and turn your expertise into Affinity and Conversations
Your business has grown through relationships and word of mouth. Developing relationships and delivering quality work for clients is what your team does best.

The problem is, building relationships and word of mouth don’t scale. That is, they didn’t scale before social media.

Creating personal brand content for social media is a networking multiplier. Sites like LinkedIn make it possible to build genuine relationships at scale and start conversations with your ideal buyers.

Your team can be positioned as industry leaders and trusted advisers with your target audience through social media. In other words, your customers can know, like, and trust your team before the first conversation.

But let’s face it, your executive and sales teams don’t have time to create content. They need to be starting conversations and nurturing relationships, not messing with video editing, Canva, or staring at a blank screen.

What if there were a way for your team to activate on social regularly without the need for advanced content marketing chops?

The Social Evangelist Accelerator takes the work out of personal brand content development, so your team can grow influence while focusing on building relationships and closing deals.

Each month, your Social Evangelists will get professionally produced videos and written content for four social posts.

Your Social Evangelists answer four questions on video, which takes about thirty minutes per month.

That’s it.

Here’s how the program works:

We work with each Social Evangelist to:
What each Social Evangelist will need:
Each Social Evangelist posts one video per week to their LinkedIn profile. Each week, they grow their influence and can now focus on engaging with prospects and starting conversations.



*Includes up to 3 people. $750/mo for each additional person

Each Social Evangelist will get:

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