The Proofpoint Marketing Hiring Process


The Proofpoint Marketing Hiring Process

There are a hell of a lot of reasons to want to work for Proofpoint Marketing beyond the convenience of a remote work setting and the unlimited vacation (yes, that’s a real thing).

It’s why we take the hiring process so seriously. It take a specific type of person to succeed in a culture with this much flexibility.

While the Proofpoint team is a versatile group spread across the country, we have a lot in common. 

We value integrity, striving to put forth the best in our work and actions.

We are highly autonomous, but also highly accountable. Transparency is second nature. 

We care. A lot. This pertains to our clients, of course, but this team is empathetic to its core, and we always have each other’s back.

We’re naturally curious. The pursuit of knowledge isn’t a task, it’s a ritual.

Well-being is paramount. This team cares and wants to see each other thriving.

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Our Hiring Experience

For individuals who fit this profile, we welcome the opportunity to meet you! We seek future Proofpointers who match our values, and we enjoy getting to know each and every person during the interview process.

Our hiring experience is transparent at every juncture. Here is exactly what candidates can expect.

Step 1: Submit Resume and Intro Video

Video is an integral part of our day-to-day operations, and tells us so much more than a cover letter. Each candidate will record an introductory video, and submit it with your resume to

Step 2: Initial Interview

Scheduled with the Hiring Manager and held over Google Hangouts or Zoom, here’s your platform to elaborate on you, your career, and what you can bring to the table.

Step 3: Sample Project and Candidate Questionnaire

Time to ensure you can deliver on the skills required for the role! The candidate will meet with the Hiring Manager to review details of a Sample Project, tailored to the specific role, instructions for completing our Candidate Questionnaire, and a timeline to submit the finished products.

Step 4: Project and Questionnaire Follow-up

All candidates completing the assignments in the agreed-upon timeline will be contacted by the Hiring Manager to schedule a follow-up video call to discuss and review the work. This is also an ideal time to discuss additional questions about culture fit, the role, or anything else about PPM.

Step 5: Team Interviews

At this stage, a candidate will have passed every stage with success, and it’s time to meet other Proofpointers over a scheduled video call. This step also requires candidates to submit a list of references.

Step 6: Offer Extended!

When the right candidate comes along, we jump at the chance to bring them onboard! If everything checkers out, we’ll send you an offer letter outlining the particulars of the role, salary and other requirements as discussed during the hiring experience. As a remote company, this final stage will take place virtually, unless the candidate is local to the Twin Cities area and is able to meet in person.

Let’s Get to the Point:

Transparency is the name of our game, and we’ve told you everything to expect with our hiring experience. Our team rocks, and we bet you do too!  Check out our open jobs:

PS: A Thank You email/note goes a LONG way with us!