An Ode to Working from Home with Kids (#WFHWK)


An Ode to Working from Home with Kids (#WFHWK)

Working from home with kids is being ok with toys, puzzles and books on the living room floor–more than usual, that is.

It’s trying to be ok with those same toys, puzzles and books making their way into your office at home. After you’ve asked your kid to pick them up from the living room floor.

“But I don’t WANT to finish my lunch!”

Working from home with kids is actually getting time to prepare a healthy lunch for yourself. Then eating your kids unfinished chicken nuggets…and macaroni and cheese. And that bite of cookie leftover on the counter.

Working from home with kids is negotiating with your spouse who’s taking the morning shift; and then renegotiating in the afternoon due to the unexpected client call that was scheduled last minute.

It’s putting Frozen II on the TV in the living room (for the 9th time) and also letting your kid borrow your cell phone to watch YouTube videos while on said client call.

“I told you: NO MORE TV if you yell ONE MORE TIME while I’m on a call!”

Working from home with kids is trying (but not always succeeding) at sticking to the schedule you put together with dedicated times for learning, exercise and arts & crafts. Good intentions count for something, right?

It’s trying to catch up on emails and attempt really deep work while your kid (finally) goes down for a nap.

Working from home with kids is–

“Mama! I made poop!”

It’s wiping butts, washing hands and trying to finish up that email.

Working from home with kids is taking a break from work and going on a walk in the afternoon to get some fresh air and take advantage of the sun being out. Everyone could use some extra Vitamin D right now.

It’s scrambling to come up with different educational activities for the day because your kid already finished all the things you set aside for them to do. And then putting The Magic Schoolbus on TV because that’s science, right?

Working from home with kids is finally getting some peace and quiet. And then realizing things are a little too quiet.

“Sweetie, what you are doing?”

It’s dressing up as Princess Leia and then doing Jedi lightsaber battles (with sound effects and all), while your spouse is upstairs working and you take over from the morning shift. Your daughter insists that you be Chewbacca again.


Working from home with kids is trying to juggle homework assignments with PowerPoint Presentations, and not really getting anywhere with either.

“Mama, the TV is not working!”

“I TOLD you NOT to press the buttons on the controller! Just watch the show you have on. We’ll find something else after you finish this one. And eat the snacks you asked for!”

Working from home with kids is pleading with them to sit in the living room and quietly read a book while you try to pull that report together for your client.

It’s allowing your kids to sit on your lap or stand by your computer as you take a conference call with your team. And their kids are on the call, too!

Working from home with kids is spending a little extra time with these special, smart and inquisitive little people during an uncertain time. It’s trying to explain what email is. It’s impromptu dance parties, jumping jacks, races outdoors from the sidewalk to the house, and extra giggles and belly-laughs.

It’s keeping them healthy, safe and mostly entertained. It’s getting in a few extra cuddles, hugs and kisses in the day.

“Mama, I love you.”

“I love you too, my princess”

“I love you three.”

It’s taking turns on who’s cooking dinner, then doing the bedtime routine, so the other can crank out some more work before crashing on the couch for some #NetflixAndFallingAsleepHalfwayThroughTheShowThatYourHusbandBingedWithoutYou. And then doing it all over again the next day, for the foreseeable future, as we all try to figure out this new normal.