Who We Are

About Proofpoint

Delivering digital excellence from proof to point


Develop and execute results-oriented strategies that drive profitable growth for our clients.

We are a distributed, B2B revenue marketing agency based in the Twin Cities, comprised of talented individuals across the U.S. with a passion for their craft and a deep curiosity toward the ever-evolving digital space.

We aren’t a typical agency.

We don’t have a fancy office building. We believe today’s technology allows us to be even more effective from our home office.

We believe in you. We believe in us. We believe together is BETTER, and thrive on transparency and trust.

We know PERFORMANCE is your PROOF. We’re here to deliver it.

Our Values

Our values give us purpose
and drive our passion

Our values are POINTED toward our northstar, and embody the culture at Proofpoint. They're central to our beliefs in business and in life. They’re how we measure ourselves at the end of every day, and the qualities we seek in our employees, vendors, partners and clients.


We strive to always do the right thing–for our clients, our team and the
people around us. We ensure our actions have a positive impact now and in the future.


We allow flexible thinking to change our point of view when compelling information is presented our way. While we have a process, we know there's always room for improvement. We're only going to be better when we're open to new ideas, tactics and perspectives.


We pride ourselves on asking the right questions. We know we don’t know everything. We do our research and find creative ways to solve problems. We continuously seek knowledge in order to stay ahead of industry trends and on top of our marketing game.


We are quick-thinking, alert and light on our feet. We are capable of operating with ambiguity. Change doesn't scare us–it excites us! We don't wait, we take action.


We operate in a very open, straight-forward and honest manner. We believe in telling it like it is, in a professional and constructive way. Transparency has always served us well.


We care about our clients and put ourselves in their shoes. We care about our team and will always have their backs. We care about what we do, what we say, and how we say it. We care, period.


We act in ways that are conscious and intentional. Everything we say is purposeful, and everything we do is with reason and good judgment.

Our Team

Get to know our proofpointers

You’re in good company. Our Proofpointers are comprised of A-Level talent. We built our company around a completely remote model to afford us (and you) the luxury and benefit of working with great talent from all over the US of A. 

Super Powers: Excel whiz. Number crunching machine. Succinct and to-the-point. Fluent in Russian.

OOO: Loves working out and martial arts. Listens to A LOT of podcasts. Drinks mushroom coffee. Enjoys long walks with his German Shepherd Samson. Lives for the outdoors. Go Liverpool! #YNWA

Super Powers: Grammar Queen. Process machine. Breaker of Bottlenecks. Storyteller. Fluent in Spanish, Portuguese and French.

OOO: Loves travel, photography and Chai Lattes. Obsessed with interior design, fashion and nail polish. Ally to preemies and preemie families.

Super Powers: Jedi taskmaster. Laser vision toward detail. Solution advocate.

OOO: Loves cooking and experiencing great restaurants. Never turns down dessert. Will convince you to let her organize something–anything, while listening to 90s rap.


Super Powers: Question asking savant. If a question hasn’t been asked, I’m about to ask it.

OOO: Lives for spending free time with kids (4) and my wife, Megan. When not building LEGO or chasing kids around the yard, probably cooking, gardening, or building something.

Super Powers: Spreadsheet sleuth. Personal finance & budgeting nerd. Magician specializing in making tacos al pastor disappear.

OOO: Loves traveling with his wife and 3 girls, survival camping and finding the best sea glass collecting beaches.

Super Powers: Crafting simple, strategic, calm, honest and reason-based solutions.

OOO: A suburban dad at his core. Enjoys small batch CNC, woodcrafting, competition Pitmaster, and loves learning anything new in demand gen/marketing, testing it and talking about it.

Sr. Performance Media Marketer

Super Powers: Data-driven marketer. Coffee aficionado. Organizer. Internet junkie. Good person. Problem solver.

OOO: Nature enthusiast, coffee lover, and true crime fan. Enjoys power walking, Netflix marathons, and a good book.

Project Coordinator

Super Powers: Project manager extraordinaire. Solver of problems. Always positive and friendly.

OOO: Loves being active and exercising outdoors. Spends time with family and friends. Lives the gluten-free life.

Proofpointing Across America

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