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Growing a People-Focused Business

March 18, 2022
Read Gaby's story of how her and Mike are out to radically change the standard for how marketing agencies work with clients and employees – and how Gated is helping her achieve that mission, one email at a time!

Why the stigma surrounding career breaks is harmful to women

March 4, 2022
In this article, Gaby shares the career gap she experienced after the premature birth of her daughter, and how it ultimately led her and Mike to the creation of Proofpoint Marketing. In the article, she also shares how important it is for employers to embrace career gaps, not run away from them.

How to Use the Assisted Conversions Report in Google Analytics to Develop Your Marketing Strategy

January 13, 2021
Assisted conversions allow you to see the interactions that contribute to a purchase. 15+ marketers, including Proofpoint CEO Mike Grinberg weigh in with how they use the Assisted Conversions Report.

9 people share the most surprising thing they've learned about their partner while stuck in quarantine

April 27, 2020
Due to COVID-19, many people are quarantined with their partners, and spending more time together than ever before. Here, 9 people share the main thing they've learned about their partner, featuring Mike & Gaby and working at Proofpoint while caring for their daugher.

How 3 Companies Are Helping Employees Cope with Stress

March 30, 2020
Need ideas for how you can provide extra support to your employees during COVID-19? Gaby was featured in this article about the things we did at Proofpoint during the early stages of the coronavirus pandemic.

A Plymouth Family's Journey with Prematurity | Plymouth Magazine

December 2018
Read about the couple's journey through prematurity and medical crisis with their daughter Lana Rose, and how they turned their job situation into an opportunity—by starting Proofpoint Marketing.


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