5 Advantages to Working with a Remote Digital Marketing Agency


5 Advantages to Working with a Remote Digital Marketing Agency

In the past fifteen years, the number of people who work from home has increased by 140%! Additionally, over 4.3 million Americans work from home at least 50% of the time, and 40% more United States-based companies are offering remote work opportunities–compared to five years ago (FYI, these statistics do not take into account the recent COVID-19 situation, in which most non-essential employees are now working from home). These statistics are just a small reflection of shifting workforce preferences that indicate an upward trend towards remote work. The remote working population is growing 10x faster than other facets of the workforce. 

The attractive benefits remote work offers have turned the prospect from a short-lived employment trend to a new norm. Some companies are adapting to this trend by hiring more remote workers. Sixteen percent of companies now prefer to hire remote workers exclusively. Others are taking things a step further, by leaving their offices behind and transitioning into a fully-remote operation, with teams spread across the US–and the globe. 

At Proofpoint Marketing, we’ve embraced the concept of remote work since day one and founded our company with a remote-work philosophy in mind. Our team and clients are better for it, as working from home empowers them to put family first and find their ideal work/life balance while optimizing their work time. Although remote work has increased by 173% since 2005, a feeling of professional hesitancy remains around the concepts of remote working and remote agencies in the digital industry due to the high levels of cooperation required. Today, we’re here to set the record straight about the benefits of remote digital marketing agencies and to prove why you should partner with one us.

Remote Agencies Are Thriving

The concept of digital connectivity is hardly a new idea, with over 4.54 billion people accessing the internet daily. However, social media and messaging apps are a more modern concept in the workplace that have quickly and efficiently transformed company and team communications. New-ish platforms like Slack and Twist allow team members to be in contact anytime, from anywhere, solving problems and increasing ROI from the comfort of their home offices (or an oceanside beach chair). 

In the digital marketing industry, success hinges on predicting, adapting to and creating digital trends to win consumers’ business. It makes sense, then, that a remote digital marketing agency understands and optimizes the advantages offered by digital communications for remote teamwork.

Hesitant to Work With a Remote Agency?

Even as a successful, fully-remote agency, we understand working with an agency partner (especially one lacking a physical office space or employees you can easily arrange an in-person meeting with) can be scary.  That’s why we’re eager to share the five reasons we founded a fully-remote agency, and why we’re so confident you can view a partnership with a remote digital agency as an advantage–not a liability. 

5 Reasons To Partner With a Remote Agency

Though remote digital agencies offer many benefits, these are five of the foundational reasons we believe that fully-remote digital marketing agencies have the edge over traditional agencies in today’s digital age. 

1.) Remote Agencies Hire Based on Talent–Not Geography

Fully-remote digital agencies have the unique luxury of hiring talented marketers from across the country–and even around the world! Not limited by geography, remote agencies, like Proofpoint Marketing, build their teams based on talent and culture-fit instead of location. Not only does a global talent pool allow agencies to be confident that they have their ideal team, but it allows the clients of these agencies to trust their work to the best marketers in the field.

2.) Remote Agency Workers Are Happy Workers 

Employees of remote agencies are also happier! Research shows that remote workers are 22% more satisfied than their counterparts without flexible working options. When people are happy, they do better work. Agencies with happier employees are more likely to produce superior results. 

3.) Work Gets Done Better and Faster

Over 80% of office workers claim office noise and chatty colleagues are the top factors distracting them from work. Remote work eliminates the noise of a typical work environment. This means that employees can focus on work when they’re working. Trusting your work to a fully-remote agency means it will receive the full attention of those working on it, optimizing their time to produce high-quality work, and saving you dollars in the process.

4.) See Technology at Its Best

Task management software, video calls, instant messaging, and collaborative workspaces are used to their fullest in a remote agency setting. Forbes also suggests in addition to optimizing collaboration, technology empowers remote workers to find ideal work/life balance and optimize their time on the clock. If technology is the driving force that will propel digital marketing into the 2020s and beyond, it’s wise to partner with an agency that already understands this fact and utilizes new, cutting-edge technologies to the best of its abilities. 

5.) It’s Convenient

Who wouldn’t rather attend a virtual meeting in their pajama pants over an in-person gathering that requires real clothes? All jokes aside, the convenience of working with a remote agency is unparalleled. Random calls, quick Google hangouts, and impromptu slack conversations are the norm for remote agencies. Part of doing the best work for our clients means having the ability to adapt and best fit their needs–even if this means making last-minute changes or shifting campaign directions. When technology is the tie between agencies and clients, rather than location or proximity, the opportunities for connections and availability to adapt are nearly endless–and endlessly simple.

Let’s get to the Point 🟠:

  1. It’s here to stay: Remote work is on the rise and keeps growing every year!
  2. Talent is not limited: Remote agencies are not constrained by geography and are able to tap into a much wider hiring pool of talent.
  3. The happiness factor: Remote workers are happier. Happier workers do better work.
  4. Efficiency: Remote workers can focus more from home and get their work done faster than their office counterparts.
  5. Technology: Remote teams use new technology everyday and understand the value technology affords their company and clients to grow and thrive.
  6. Availability and convenience: Because of their skill and reliance on technology, it’s so much easier and more convenient to be in touch with remote teams.

If your company is seeking a B2B digital marketing partner that understands what it takes to evolve with the industry and not just beat the trends–but set them–contact us. Our fully-remote, fully-equipped team is eager to connect with you and discuss how we can help take your digital marketing efforts to the next level.